Dragonriders of Pern Quotes (9th Pass)

Here’s a selection of quotes from the first five Pern books (Dragonflight, Dragonquest, Dragonsong, Dragonsinger, and The White Dragon) which are the books that are most meaningful and compelling to me.

Anne McCaffery—Dragonflight Introduction

When is a legend a legend? Why is a myth a myth? How old and disused must a fact be for it to be relegated to the category “Fairy-tale”? And why do certain facts remain incontrovertible while others lose their validity to assume a shabby, unstable character


F’lar, rider of bronze Mnementh

Leave off vengeance
There’s nothing wrong in doubting. It sometimes leads to greater faith.

Lessa, rider of gold Ramoth

Living was struggling to do something impossible—to succeed, or die, knowing you had tried!
Anger did not cloud their intelligence. Greed did not sully their judgement. Fear did not dull their reactions.


Robinton, Masterharper of Pern

Silly people waste time assigning or assuming guilt
Hope’s a great encourager
The eyes of a vengeful man miss few details he can turn to his advantage

F’lar, rider of bronze Mnementh

A man needed a few minutes to digest chaos and restore order to his thinking before he plunged into more confusion
I speak of the skill of working together, the technique of crossing the arbitrary lines of land, craft and status, because we must learn more from each other than the simple fact that none of us can stand alone and survive!
Hunger depresses any man’s spirits
There are many ways of loving
Let us forget these misguiding and antiquated precepts and think up our own guides.
Let’s use what time we have to the best possible advantage

Lessa, rider of gold Ramoth

The actual experience is the knowing
A man ought not be afraid to say he didn’t know. Nor a woman.
Ridicule was a better defence than truth.

Brekke, healer

Is age a prerequisite for a loving heart? Does maturity always bring compassion?
The best solution is not always easy to accept
Make no judgments where you have no compassion

F’nor, rider of brown Canth

Adolescence was only a step of life, not a career in itself. When one matured, one knew there was more to living.
Change is not chaos

Lytol, Lord Warder of Ruatha Hold

A man isn’t afraid to admit to fear

D’ram, rider of bronze Tiroth

I think I finally realized…how narrow a man can get worrying so much about what he ought to have, forgetting what he’s got. And what he’s got to do.
Nothing should be decided in heat or hatred.

Asengar, Lord Holder of Lemos Hold

You find out a great deal by asking people

N’ton, rider of bronze Lioth

Nothing is done without purpose

Larad, Lord Holder of Telgar Hold

Some customs need changing badly




Robinton, Masterharper of Pern

The mind that will not admit it has something more to learn tomorrow is in danger of stagnating.

Shonagar, Masterharper

We all have limitations, and wise is he who recognizes them

Sebell, Journeyman Harper

There’s something wrong in not appreciating one’s own special abilities…Find your own limitations, yes, but don’t limit yourself with false modesty.

The White Dragon

Robinton, Masterharper of Pern

Mischief needs idle hands
Communication is essential
Exchange information, learn to talk sensibly about any subject, learn to express your thoughts, accept new ones, examine them, analyze. Think objectively. Think toward the future
Perseverance in the face of incredible odds is laudable
Looking ahead is far more constructive than looking behind
There are some things that must be seen to be believed
There are times when looking back can be helpful
All things come to pass in the fullness of time
One forgets the passage of time…and that growth and maturity come to those we remember first as very young
There’s no fool like an old one.

F’lar, rider of bronze Mnementh

It’s never easy to be patient…but patience can be rewarding.
Gratitude has a tendency to sour.
I prefer to cope with my disasters one at a time.

Lessa, rider of gold Ramoth

If you try hard enough, and work long enough, you can achieve anything you desire

Jaxom, rider of white Ruth and Lord Holder of Ruatha Hold

There’s a difference between communication and gossip
Teaching someone else a method is a very good way to make it easier to do yourself
We think and talk things to death
Things were not as they seemed. There were hidden facets to everything. You’d think you had what you wanted in your grasp and, when you looked closely, it wasn’t what it had seemed from a distance.

Ruth, the white dragon

Why explain anything?

Lytol, Lord Warder of Ruatha Hold

Analyze. Think objectively. You can’t govern others until you can control yourself and see the broader, forward-looking view.

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