Star Wars: The Approaching Storm by Alan Dean Foster Quotes

Anakin Skywalker

People are so busy getting on with their lives they frequently forget what’s really important

Obi-Wan Kenobi

I try not to make judgments
If you can’t defy the storm, go with it.
Better to be berated by a live friend than absolved by a dead one.
In storytelling, nothing is a given, the astonishing becomes commonplace, and one learns to expect the unexpected. But when people of understanding and goodwill come together, a happy ending is usually assured.
There is much to be learned by stories that can’t be taught by history.
One need never apologize for caution.
A correction added to one’s store of knowledge. It was a thing to be grateful for, not something to take offense at.

Luminara Unduli

It’s difficult to persuade opposing sides of the rightness of your reasoning when they’re both dead.
Anyone can handle a weapon. Reason is much more difficult to wield.
Knowledge is always a reason for awe.
There is no shame in admitting one does not know everything. It shows wisdom.
Anger muddles clear thinking and…revenge is, at best, an archaic waste of energy.

Barriss Offee

You can’t do anything about physical attractiveness
There are many paths through life, so it is best to be happy with whichever one we finally decide to take.


When someone declares loudly and violently that something is not possible, it is probably an accomplished fact.

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