Star Wars: The Force Unleashed by Sean Williams Quotes

Shaak Ti

Light, dark. They are just directions. Do not be fooled that you stand on anything other than your own two feet.

Juno Eclipse

A life without hope was worse than no life at all.

Bail Organa

Sometimes memories aren’t enough. Sometimes we, the victims, must be more…proactive.
We should be forgiving of those who fail.
Action is a much more expensive commodity

Galen Marek a.k.a Starkiller

Can’t doesn’t apply here.
For the first time he understood that the Force didn’t come in two shades only: dark and light, distinct and combative, never meeting in the middle to form grey. Those were ideals, and ideals existed solely for philosophers and theoreticians to argue over. In the real world, light and dark coexisted in varying proportions: nothing was ever static…We’re always moving, he thought, toward the dark or toward the light. It’s impossible to stand still…There were, in fact, no actual sides, just the direction in which one happened to be moving. It was all relative.
Free to make mistakes, and hopefully to learn from them.
We have to stop living in the past and come out fighting for what we believe in.
No one was indestructible. No tyranny lasted forever.
Don’t think. Just do!
One must be able to control without applying lethal force; otherwise, there will soon be nothing left to control.
Names had power.
Knowledge was not the same as experience.
Rebellion thrives on action, not words.
Sometimes imagination wasn’t a good thing.
Sometimes action was required.
I don’t need to hate you in order to beat you.
Anger was familiar and powerful; it also clouded his eyes when he most needed to see clearly.
Hope will never be destroyed.

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