Book Reviews: Life In Medieval Europe and Exercised

Hi all!
Time for another couple of book reviews!

Life in Medieval Europe: Fact and Fiction by Daniele Cybulskie

An excellent and accessible read! I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to get an insight into the lives of the more common folks in Medieval Europe. There’s some really good points about divide between the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period that is blurred in popular discourse, but which academically has a more strict divide. Once the divide is clear, a lot more misconceptions about Middle Ages become cleared up.

Exercised: Why Something We Never Evolved To Do Is Healthy and Rewarding by Daniel E. Lieberman

An excellent and extremely fascinating read! This book covers the contemporary practice of exercise by looking back at evolutionary anthropology and especially hunter-gatherer societies. It’s a bit more academic, and more of a slog, but very interesting to reflect on. I always recommend a bit of caution when using evolutionary history to draw conclusions about the best modern practices, but it’s definitely good to reflect on.

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