What Is Coddling?

Recently, I have been turning the question over in my head of whether or not I was coddled growing up. For years I’ve been assuming that I was and resented my parents for it. But recently I’ve been wondering if I might not have been making a few too many assumptions in that regard. IContinue reading “What Is Coddling?”

The Beauty of Lightsabers

I think it would be safe to say that the most iconic of Star Wars weapons is the lightsaber. There is something about sword combat that is so deeply ingrained in the cultural psyche that presenting a futuristic way to use swords was nothing short of a stroke of genius on Lucas’ part. And thereContinue reading “The Beauty of Lightsabers”

End of First Year

I have just finished my first year of university. It was a real trial, and I’m not sure whether I passed that trial or not. I feel as if I have been broken and shattered. I’ve lost my confidence, my assertiveness, and my self-esteem. All that remains is my core: hope, love, and determination. IContinue reading “End of First Year”