Poem: Pleading With The Lord

I am weary of this world, Lord I am filed with terrible pain Help me find my way Help me do what’s right Guide me to my Source, Lord Guide me through the night I know That I Must become One with the light I know that I can Fulfill my dream Find peace andContinue reading “Poem: Pleading With The Lord”

Poem: Tribute To Easter

A dark cloud covers all A hero is gone Hung upon a cross Hopes dashed People laugh and mock People cover heads in shame Suddenly a voice proclaims “Rise, O Lord Awake Bring light to banish dark despair Give them hope Give them life” The hero rose again Hope was born anew A new dayContinue reading “Poem: Tribute To Easter”

The Constraint of God

I have just been pondering how God can kill so many in the Old Testament and yet preach love and forgiveness in the New Testament. I know this is a problem that troubles many Christians, and I’ve gone over it before. Usually, I tend to believe that great adversity is necessary for great good toContinue reading “The Constraint of God”

On Paul and Christ

Alright, so having just finished going through the Bible for the first time, I’m surprised at a couple things. The first is how it makes a whole lot more sense than I expected going in. Pretty much all the threads left hanging in the Old Testament are answered in the New Testament. And Jesus? IfContinue reading “On Paul and Christ”

God’s Plan In Summary

Alright, so I just went through the entire Bible and I’ve got to say that this God guy is a genius–a master tactician and a brilliant planner. Below is a summary of what happens in the Bible that just how brilliant this guy is. The majority of the Old Testament is spent with God saying,Continue reading “God’s Plan In Summary”

The Name of God

“By whatever name you call God, be certain that She is listening”–Raven, from Merlin’s Descendants #3 Guardian of the Vision. I first read those words 7 years ago and they instantly struck a chord with me. Though I have not always maintained my belief in a God, I have always been drawn to spirituality andContinue reading “The Name of God”