Poem: Winter Fury

Cold ice
Covers all
In splendid beauty
His sister wind
Blows with winter fury
He clings to branches
Trunks, lines, and wires
Desperate to survive
And she blows all the harder
He clings with strength
Of death-defying desperation
Yet all his efforts are for naught
As winter wind blows
Cold ice loses
His struggle to survive
First he cracks and parts fall off
Yet still he continues to hold
Then his anchors
They break too
And they both shatter upon the ground
Winter wind finally grows calm
When it is accomplished
The earth is littered with wood and ice
A living reminder
Of winter’s wrath

Published by Devin Hogg

My name is Devin Hogg. I was born and raised in Carnarvon, Ontario, Canada. I moved to Guelph, Ontario, Canada in 2009 for university and lived here ever since. In my free time, I enjoy reading, watching TV and movies, going on long walks, swimming, and practicing Chen style Tai Chi. I love to write poetry and blog regularly about topics such as mental health, sci-fi/fantasy series, faith, sexuality, and politics.

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