By The Numbers: An Example Of Obfuscation

Opinions are flying fast and furiously across the Internet on the issue of police forces and racism, and the call for defunding and/or abolishing of police departments. Recently, I saw this post on Facebook that was purportedly posted by a cop who had done some research on the stats. This is the text of thatContinue reading “By The Numbers: An Example Of Obfuscation”

On Good & Bad Apples

There’s a growing cry going around on social media, in response to the litany of deaths to abolish police forces altogether, and for individual police officers to resign in protest. Personally, I’d rather not encourage police officers to resign: it seems likely that the better ones would resign and I’d rather not abandon the lawContinue reading “On Good & Bad Apples”

Towards Justice: A Journey, Not A Destination

This is in many ways a follow-up to my previous post on justice. The discourse around discrimination and oppression on the basis of race are not going away at this time, and we must continue to wrestle with questions of justice if we wish to reform our society. This quote by African-American poet, singer, memorist,Continue reading “Towards Justice: A Journey, Not A Destination”

Read, Watch & Listen: Recommended Media For Narratives of Blackness

Hi all! I’ve been asking myself, as many of you no doubt have, what I can do in these times of increased vehement discourse about racism and police brutality. A lot of organizations and individuals are doing really great work, sharing links and resources to excellent analyses and causes to donate money towards. My meansContinue reading “Read, Watch & Listen: Recommended Media For Narratives of Blackness”