Read, Watch & Listen: Recommended Media For Narratives of Blackness

Hi all! I’ve been asking myself, as many of you no doubt have, what I can do in these times of increased vehement discourse about racism and police brutality. A lot of organizations and individuals are doing really great work, sharing links and resources to excellent analyses and causes to donate money towards. My meansContinue reading “Read, Watch & Listen: Recommended Media For Narratives of Blackness”

On Heroes: The Need For A Varied Approach

I recently viewed a Ted Talk by Professor Philip Loring titled “No More Heroes”. The link to the talk can be found here: In the talk, Loring made the case for ceasing to strive for being a hero and relying on heroes to save us. He advocated strongly for a more collective effort, with moreContinue reading “On Heroes: The Need For A Varied Approach”

Star Wars and Sexuality: Weighing in on the Lando Pansexual Controversy

Star Wars and Star Trek are different in a lot of ways, but one of the things they have in common is a healthy degree of sexuality. I say healthy because they achieve that rare status in fiction of sexuality being present and acknowledged but not overly dwelled on. Recently, Jon Kasdan made a commentContinue reading “Star Wars and Sexuality: Weighing in on the Lando Pansexual Controversy”

Devin’s Guide to Mistletoe Etiquette

As I was out for my nightly walk, I was listening to Christmas music, inspired by the current snowfall. Listening to Christmas music reminded me that it might be time to talk about a long-standing Christmas tradition–the mistletoe. This is especially important as we go into this holiday season, with the flurry of sexual assaultContinue reading “Devin’s Guide to Mistletoe Etiquette”