On The Ukraine Conflict

Like many around the world, I am watching the events related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine with trepidation, fear, despair and outrage. I am hoping for a quick resolution and for justice to prevail. I do not have the words to salve anyone’s fears over this, or provide reasons for hope. What I canContinue reading “On The Ukraine Conflict”

Quotes on Love For Valentine’s Day 2021

From the Dragonriders of Pern series “There are many ways of loving”–F’lar rider of bronze Mnementh in Dragonquest by Anne McCaffrey. From NCIS: “Love is never going to come easy. Yes, it is scary and it’s messy as hell but it cannot be an option. So when true love does come along you need toContinue reading “Quotes on Love For Valentine’s Day 2021”

On Turning The Other Cheek: Wink’s Interpretation

One of the most famous (or infamous, depending on your point of view) teachings of Jesus from the Sermon on the Mount is the encouragement that when one is struck on the cheek, the thing to do is to turn the other cheek also. There have been many interpretations of this over the years. TheContinue reading “On Turning The Other Cheek: Wink’s Interpretation”

Recommended Reading: Books To Read During The Pandemic

Hi all! With the COVID-19 pandemic keeping us all cooped up for much longer than we’d like, I thought I’d share some recommended reading in case you’re looking for some books to pass your time. Literature and FictionThe Muskoka Trilogy by Gabriele Wills (Including Summer Before The Storm, Elusive Dawn, and Under The Moon This seriesContinue reading “Recommended Reading: Books To Read During The Pandemic”

Remembrance Day Quotes 2019

Hi all!Just thought I’d share some quotes from various sources worth reflecting on this Remembrance Day: Quotes from Star Wars “It matters. It matters which side we choose. Even if there will be no more light than darkness. Even if there can be no more joy in the galaxy than there is pain. For every actionContinue reading “Remembrance Day Quotes 2019”

On Men In Fiction: The Role Models That Inspired Me

Recently, the American Psychological Association released a statement highlighting the dangers of toxic masculinity, and the calling for action. The cosmetics company Gillette quickly followed up with a commercial encouraging men to be better. Now, it’s important to keep in mind that one commercial does not a company culture make, and the cynic would remindContinue reading “On Men In Fiction: The Role Models That Inspired Me”

Quotes on Grief

Today’s sermon in church, inspired by Walter Bruggeman’s book Reality, Grief, Hope: Three Urgent Prophetic Tasks, focused on the second of these tasks, namely grief. I found myself thinking of several of the sci-fi/fantasy series I know and love, because I tend to favor those series that acknowledge there is darkness, both in us andContinue reading “Quotes on Grief”

The Foolishness of Love, Hope, and Faith

I’ve had cause recently to reflect on foolishness. The world seems rampant with it these days, and in a heavily polarized media and political discourse, people are quick to accuse others of it. To some, it appears that policies like Donald Trump’s or Doug Ford’s are the height of foolishness. To others, it is policiesContinue reading “The Foolishness of Love, Hope, and Faith”

Star Trek and Me: A Personal History

This year has marked several important anniversaries for Star Trek. We have celebrated the 35th anniversary of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, the premiere of a brand new television series Star Trek: Discovery, and now the 30th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Just last year marked the 50th anniversary of StarContinue reading “Star Trek and Me: A Personal History”

Why I Don’t Want My Pain Taken Away

“If you had a choice, would you want your disabilities?” This topic comes up more often than you might think in my life. Sometimes it’s an honest question; sometimes, it’s a sarcastic question where the expected answer is no; and sometimes, it’s a statement where one assumes the answer is no. For many years, theContinue reading “Why I Don’t Want My Pain Taken Away”