Poem: Taoist Tai Chi

It starts slow
A mere hint of movement
A mere tingle of energy
A mere taste of what is to come
Slowly it increases
As I begin to move
Building and growing
Until the energy is rushing through me
Like white water flows
My mind grows blank
My body feels pain
My heart pulses like a mighty drum
Sweat makes my skin slick
My breath comes in pants
Still I move
The energy continues to flow
It flows until I can bear it no more
And so I stop
Peace and energy remain with me
Body and mind slowly morphed
Slowly healed
As I grow closer to God

Published by Devin Hogg

My name is Devin Hogg. I was born and raised in Carnarvon, Ontario, Canada. I moved to Guelph, Ontario, Canada in 2009 for university and lived here ever since. In my free time, I enjoy reading, watching TV and movies, going on long walks, swimming, and practicing Chen style Tai Chi. I love to write poetry and blog regularly about topics such as mental health, sci-fi/fantasy series, faith, sexuality, and politics.

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