Tai Chi and Christianity: A Personal Reflection In Honour of Asian Heritage Month

This month is Asian Heritage Month, being observed by the Canada and the United Church of Canada. This Sunday was specifically devoted to Asian Heritage, and I thought I’d share some of my reflections on this day. I will note that I am a white, cisgender, heterosexual male in Ontario, Canada coming from a middleContinue reading “Tai Chi and Christianity: A Personal Reflection In Honour of Asian Heritage Month”

My Tai Chi Journey So Far: Looking Back At 15 Years Of Practice

Hi all! So, as I was walking to the park to practice my Tai Chi routines the other day, I realized that the 15 year anniversary of my Tai Chi practice had passed me by without me fully realizing it. So I thought I’d make a blog post about it, especially as I’m sure someContinue reading “My Tai Chi Journey So Far: Looking Back At 15 Years Of Practice”

Afraid to Dance

“A warrior who cannot dance? Clumsy in both war and peace he is”–Jedi Grand Master Yoda in Star Wars: Clone Wars: Cestus Deception by Steve Barnes I’ve noticed a trend among young adults in Canada, which was once a curiosity, but now is an area of growing concern. When people are encouraged to dance, thereContinue reading “Afraid to Dance”

Breaking It Down

I thought I’d share an incident that happened with my mother a few months ago that is illustrative of one of life’s great lessons. I was struggling to pour coffee from the stainless steel mug that is paired with the brewing machine into my travel mug. No matter what I did, I was spilling coffeeContinue reading “Breaking It Down”

What Is Mastery?

Warning: spoilers for Star Wars: Episode VIII: The Last Jedi follow  The Last Jedi has been one of the more polarizing Star Wars films, which is saying something for a franchise marked with polarized fans. One of the complaints seems to focus on the choices made around the characterization of Luke Skywalker. Luke Skywalker isContinue reading “What Is Mastery?”

On Non-Violence

This fall I’ve been reading The Rebirthing of God by John Phillip Newell with a church small group. The chapter we read most recently is one where Newell argues for a reclaiming of non-violence as central to Christian faith. Here’s the problem: I don’t agree with an absolute proscription on violence. I’ll explain why below. First,Continue reading “On Non-Violence”