The Story Of The Incarnation: Why It Matters What Story We Tell

Christmas Eve is here, and once again, followers of the Christian faith are celebrating the Incarnation–the moment when God became fully human, in a specific time and place in history. Much has been written about the ramifications of this, to embodiment, to the relationship between the Divine and creation. Today, however, I want to addressContinue reading “The Story Of The Incarnation: Why It Matters What Story We Tell”

Advent and Christmas: What We Get Wrong and Why It’s Important To Tell It Right

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the Christian new year in a variety of Christian traditions. The season of Advent marks the beginning of the Christian year and leads up to the birth of Christ celebrated on December 25. Every year, sermons are preached, songs are sung and pageants are performed celebrating and re-telling the storyContinue reading “Advent and Christmas: What We Get Wrong and Why It’s Important To Tell It Right”

Poem: Lonely For The Holidays

Night grows darkerWorld grows colder.Winter winds blowHolidays approach.Everywhere I lookI seeCouples embracingHearts warm together .Love bloomsPeople lean intoThe comfortOf another’s embrace.People kissBeneath the hanging mistletoe.Families gatherTo celebrate their children:Their accomplishments;Their progress;Their partners.How very painful it isTo be the black sheepThe marked man.No jobDeep in debt.No romanceNo love.Many are merryFor the holidaysLoving and full.I am alwaysContinue reading “Poem: Lonely For The Holidays”

Devin’s Guide to Mistletoe Etiquette

As I was out for my nightly walk, I was listening to Christmas music, inspired by the current snowfall. Listening to Christmas music reminded me that it might be time to talk about a long-standing Christmas tradition–the mistletoe. This is especially important as we go into this holiday season, with the flurry of sexual assaultContinue reading “Devin’s Guide to Mistletoe Etiquette”

Favorite Christmas Music

Well it is officially December and though I’ve been listening to Christmas music for two or three weeks now (despite always trying to wait for December, I always seem to start listening to it in November) I did manage to wait until now to post a list of my favorite Christmas music that I listenContinue reading “Favorite Christmas Music”