Poem: Ode To Uncle Don

My father’s sister’s husbandPassed away of late.After years of long struggleRest has finally come.Genetic ticking time bombWaiting in his heart.Threatened to steal him from usThese past thirty years or so.Knowledge and scienceAdvances in meds and techBlessing of the SpiritDefied death’s clenching grasp.I will always rememberHis great wit.Open curiosity.Delight in learningAnd sharing.The summer days we spentOnceContinue reading “Poem: Ode To Uncle Don”

Poem: Ode To Dylan

We laid you to rest todayMy old friend.Still can’t quite comprehendThe violence of your endThe utter unfairness of it all.I know we’ve walkedDifferent roads of lateHaven’t crossed paths in years.Still I took comfortKnowing you were out there.I shall never forgetThe times we shared.The role you played.The support you gave.The lessons you taughtAll when I mostContinue reading “Poem: Ode To Dylan”

Poem: Goodbye Grey One

On the day you diedFell asleepAnd left your bodyIt rainedAll day longAnd all night.I thought this fittingAs my lifeWas suddenlyMuch emptierMuch darker.We knew this time was comingYou had a good long run.When you startedStruggling to breathMonths agoMy mind filledWith all the times shared:Memories made;Stories created;Sometimes frustrating;Sometimes frightening;Sometimes fun;Always filled with love.You were there for meWhenContinue reading “Poem: Goodbye Grey One”