On The Stockdale Paradox

I have a confession to make: I am finding it hard to find balance in my life these days, especially when living with my parents and having so many different demands on my time pulling me in too many directions. This morning, the reality is sinking in that I’m heading back down to Guelph inContinue reading “On The Stockdale Paradox”

Favorites Quotes From Crito By Socrates

Socrates: Why should we care so much for what the majority thinks? The most reasonable people to whom one should pay more attention, will believe that things were done as they were done. Would that the majority could inflict the greatest of evils, for they would then be capable of the greatest good, and thatContinue reading “Favorites Quotes From Crito By Socrates”

Favorite Quotes From the Apology of Socrates by Plato

Socrates: You are wrong…if you think that a man who is any good at all should take into account the risk of life or death; he should look to this only in his actions, whether what he does is right or wrong, whether he is acting like a good man or a bad man. ToContinue reading “Favorite Quotes From the Apology of Socrates by Plato”

The Lesson of Taoist Tai Chi

I have been a fool. Again. I wonder if that ever stops happening? Or at least decreases in frequency? Probably not. The world is not that fair. Anyway on to the meat of things. For the past several months I have been under the mistaken assumption that just because something is hard it means thatContinue reading “The Lesson of Taoist Tai Chi”