The Good Lessons of Wonder Woman 1984

Beware of spoilers below ************************************************************************************************** I’ve been seeing a lot of criticism of the newly released Wonder Woman 1984 and frankly it has me puzzled. Granted that I tend to be easily pleased when it comes to cinema, and as long as it’s a fun ride I’m generally happy, but WW84 seemed to have someContinue reading “The Good Lessons of Wonder Woman 1984”

Poem: Falling And Rising

I have done it againFailed at beingWho others need me to be.I do the best I canI’ve achieved so much moreThen ever before.Still I come up shortNot aware enough;Not strong enough;Not skilled enough;Not good enough.Not.Enough.I’m tiredOf letting people down;Of continually failing.The world is so dark right nowDays are shorterNights colder.My mind becomes cloudedBy grief andContinue reading “Poem: Falling And Rising”

Poem: Hope Rises

Our exile drags onOne step forwardTwo step back,Sometimes feels likeWe’ll never see the end.Disasters and troublesConstantly in the news.Fear and despairAnger and griefConstantly in the air.I am overwhelmed by it all!Constantly prayingFor relief from this ordeal;For healingOf the entire world.Yet of lateDespite all logicAll evidence of my sensesI feel a stirring in my soul.Hope risesForContinue reading “Poem: Hope Rises”

Towards Justice: A Journey, Not A Destination

This is in many ways a follow-up to my previous post on justice. The discourse around discrimination and oppression on the basis of race are not going away at this time, and we must continue to wrestle with questions of justice if we wish to reform our society. This quote by African-American poet, singer, memorist,Continue reading “Towards Justice: A Journey, Not A Destination”

On The Stockdale Paradox

I have a confession to make: I am finding it hard to find balance in my life these days, especially when living with my parents and having so many different demands on my time pulling me in too many directions. This morning, the reality is sinking in that I’m heading back down to Guelph inContinue reading “On The Stockdale Paradox”

Poem: On COVID

A virus sweepsOver the globe.Around the worldWe huddle in our homes.Saving livesBy staying inside.Every time we venture outWe are filled with fear.The TV and the InternetFilled with speculationPaint a grim picture.Sorrow and despairRage and fearThese abound in excess.Ignorance and callousnessBringing death and strife.Yet we also hearTales of courageCompassionHopeFaithAnd love.I feel the lonelinessThe uncertainty eats atContinue reading “Poem: On COVID”

Keys To Resiliency: Hope, Joy, and The Next Right Step

I have a confession: the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic is really getting to me. The uncertainty of how long this will last, the disruption of normal routines, the lack of control over how this affects my life…all of these present unique and unprecedented challenges, at least to me. Yet what I do have extensiveContinue reading “Keys To Resiliency: Hope, Joy, and The Next Right Step”

Poem: Confronting Fear

FearIs an old companion.When I was youngIt ruled meIn ways obviousAnd hidden.I confronted itAnd I grew.Overcame many of my fearsSwore never to concede again.Yet fear is trickySubtle and ever present.New fears arriveOld fears return.The testIs to not give upHold onto hopeResist the slideInto anger and hate and despair.My destinyThe destiny of all who serve theContinue reading “Poem: Confronting Fear”

Poem: Grow Your Beard

When I was youngI wanted a beard.Thought it looked coolNothing more.When I was a young manHair started sproutingThe time to shave had come.My body betrayed meMy hand too weakMy coordination too poorMy hair growth too fast.Always spots I would missHated how I lookedHated that my failureWas all too obviousLiterally showing on my face.Many a-timeI toldContinue reading “Poem: Grow Your Beard”

Favorite Love Songs Februrary 2020

Hi all! It’s Valentine’s Day, and while that can be a difficult day for many, I believe that a day to intentionally celebrate love is not necessarily a bad thing, even if the commercial aspects are repugnant. As such, here is a list of my favorite love songs at this time: “And I Love Her”Continue reading “Favorite Love Songs Februrary 2020”