What I Would Do With Universal Basic Income

One of the biggest frustrations for the neurodiverse community in Ontario was the decision by the Ford government to scrap the UBI pilot project. The move was met with vocal opposition, with 100 of the top employers co-signing an open letter to the Ford government protesting the move. Recent looks at the growing housing bubble,Continue reading “What I Would Do With Universal Basic Income”

On Working With Disabilities

Over the past few months, I’ve been trying to gather clients for my own virtual assistant business, and thus far, it hasn’t been going all that smoothly. This is especially disheartening as I’m on the self-employment track largely due to failing to succeed in the regular employment track.. The reason this is all so difficult–myContinue reading “On Working With Disabilities”

Poem: Job Search

Another dayAnother lack of dollar.Time slips awaySearching the WebFor seeds of hope.Darkness limitsEverywhere I turnI am confronted by disability.“Come home”My mother says to meBut knowledge of healthKnowledge of needKeeps me away.I search some moreDespair growsFrustration mounts.“Why can’t I be normal?”I cry.“It serves a purpose.”The Lord says to me.So on I go.Keeping busyKeeping healthyBuilding strengthBuilding resilience.IContinue reading “Poem: Job Search”