Polarization on Social Media: A Personal Testimony and Call To Account

I am a prolific user of Facebook, and am starting to catch-up in the Twitter and Instagram realm as well. However, Facebook remains the most useful for me, because of the length of posts it allows. I like to share news items that catch my interest, as well as my thoughts on everything and anythingContinue reading “Polarization on Social Media: A Personal Testimony and Call To Account”

Poem: Hope Rises

Our exile drags onOne step forwardTwo step back,Sometimes feels likeWe’ll never see the end.Disasters and troublesConstantly in the news.Fear and despairAnger and griefConstantly in the air.I am overwhelmed by it all!Constantly prayingFor relief from this ordeal;For healingOf the entire world.Yet of lateDespite all logicAll evidence of my sensesI feel a stirring in my soul.Hope risesForContinue reading “Poem: Hope Rises”

Poem: At A Loss

I have beenAt a lossFor words of late.Poetry deserts me;All I can doIs groan incoherently.How to captureThe events of these days?How to expressThe rollercoaster of highs and lows?Yet the attemptMust be made.Witness must be borne.So I pickup my pen and paperTake a breatheAnd write.Trust the SpiritTo translate groansTo good enough words.

Tearing Tyrants From The Their Thrones: A Reflection on Trump & COVID-19

“From the halls of power to the fortress tower, not a Stone will be left on stone. Let the king beware for yourJustice tears ev’ry tyrant from his throne”–from “The Canticle of the Turning” by Rory Cooney. The news is spreading around the world that Donald Trump, perhaps one of the most polarizing figures ofContinue reading “Tearing Tyrants From The Their Thrones: A Reflection on Trump & COVID-19”

Responding To Mr. Ford

The title of this video is sensationalist but Ford’s logic is broken nonetheless. He defends the elimination of the extra $100 benefit by saying people on ODSP with a part-time job collecting CERB would get a “few hundred” extra dollars per month, and then at the end says the best way to help people onContinue reading “Responding To Mr. Ford”

By The Numbers: An Example Of Obfuscation

Opinions are flying fast and furiously across the Internet on the issue of police forces and racism, and the call for defunding and/or abolishing of police departments. Recently, I saw this post on Facebook that was purportedly posted by a cop who had done some research on the stats. This is the text of thatContinue reading “By The Numbers: An Example Of Obfuscation”

On Justice: May 2020

Hi all! I come to you today, weary and broken-hearted. Unless you’ve had your head buried in the sand (and honestly, I wouldn’t blame you if you did), you’re aware of the discussion being had and the battles being fought around issues of race and law enforcement and justice as a whole. I’ll be blunt:Continue reading “On Justice: May 2020”

Poem: On COVID

A virus sweepsOver the globe.Around the worldWe huddle in our homes.Saving livesBy staying inside.Every time we venture outWe are filled with fear.The TV and the InternetFilled with speculationPaint a grim picture.Sorrow and despairRage and fearThese abound in excess.Ignorance and callousnessBringing death and strife.Yet we also hearTales of courageCompassionHopeFaithAnd love.I feel the lonelinessThe uncertainty eats atContinue reading “Poem: On COVID”

Poem: See Through You

You standIn front of the camerasSquare in the eyes of the nation.You speakWhat you think the people want to hear.You hide the truthBehind assumptions and misunderstandingsHoping that people will not see pastThe mask that you present.You believe that ignorance and fearWill allow you to gainThe power you so desire.I see through youThrough your liesThrough yourContinue reading “Poem: See Through You”

Poem: Hope Falters

My heart is heavyMy soul cloudedWith grief and shame.You betrayed your trustUsed your powerFor a dark end.Though I could never condoneI have hopedFor redemptionFor change.Yet when we meetSigns aboundRed alertsBlare in my mind.You askFor newsOf a community you hurt.NewsYou now have no right to.You boastOf how many you talk to.How manyHave forgiven your harm.I lookContinue reading “Poem: Hope Falters”