Poem: On COVID

A virus sweepsOver the globe.Around the worldWe huddle in our homes.Saving livesBy staying inside.Every time we venture outWe are filled with fear.The TV and the InternetFilled with speculationPaint a grim picture.Sorrow and despairRage and fearThese abound in excess.Ignorance and callousnessBringing death and strife.Yet we also hearTales of courageCompassionHopeFaithAnd love.I feel the lonelinessThe uncertainty eats atContinue reading “Poem: On COVID”

Poem: See Through You

You standIn front of the camerasSquare in the eyes of the nation.You speakWhat you think the people want to hear.You hide the truthBehind assumptions and misunderstandingsHoping that people will not see pastThe mask that you present.You believe that ignorance and fearWill allow you to gainThe power you so desire.I see through youThrough your liesThrough yourContinue reading “Poem: See Through You”

Poem: Hope Falters

My heart is heavyMy soul cloudedWith grief and shame.You betrayed your trustUsed your powerFor a dark end.Though I could never condoneI have hopedFor redemptionFor change.Yet when we meetSigns aboundRed alertsBlare in my mind.You askFor newsOf a community you hurt.NewsYou now have no right to.You boastOf how many you talk to.How manyHave forgiven your harm.I lookContinue reading “Poem: Hope Falters”

Poem: Eyes Deceived

They see my glassesMy Star Wars teesMy toysMy booksMy movies and TV shows.They hear my voiceMy fandom references.They write me offAs nerd and geekNothing special.They see I’m shortThey see me tripDrop thingsStumble around.They hear my ragged breathSee the sweat pour forthThey assume I’m weak.Unfit.They see with their eyesThey hear with their earsThey smell with theirContinue reading “Poem: Eyes Deceived”

Poem: Take Back The Night 2019

We meet at the parkBrought togetherBy hope and rageBy grief and love.Survivors and alliesJoin togetherTo take back the night.We march through the streetHundreds strong.People watch.People glare.People cheer.Cars honkDrivers tap their fingers.We chantWe march.Awareness spreadsNotice is taken.We sit in a barAs stories are toldPoems are readMusic is sung.Laughter and tearsFlow and meld.Hope bloomsIn my bosom.I feelContinue reading “Poem: Take Back The Night 2019”

Poem: Great Change

I watch the newsI read the booksI see the signs.Everything tells meOf disaster in the offing.I must grow.I must change.I must fightBefore all is lost.Yet I feelI am not good enough.The burden is too heavyI cannot beThe man I think I must beTo avert disaster.I cry out to the LordIn despair and frustration.The Lord answersContinue reading “Poem: Great Change”

Poem: Listen

QuietDo you hear that?Do you know what it is?The cries and the moanThe tears and the shouts>It is the voice of the oppressed .LookDo you see it?Not the appearancesCalm and stoicOr crazed with anger.Look past the genderThe clothing and incomeThe colour of their skin.See nowThe pain underneathThe heartbreakThe despairThe knowledgeThat they’re meant for something better.NowDoContinue reading “Poem: Listen”

Poem: Interdependency

I walk through the parkThe forest and the trees.I feel the energyThe force connecting all things.Sadness wells in meThat so many deny this truth.They preach independenceAutonomy and self-determination.They push for unlimited growthThey say pursue happiness.Happiness is goodSuffering is bad.Growth is goodRestraint is bad.How blind they are!A reckoning is coming.SoonWe will all be remindedWe areInterdependentVulnerable.That isContinue reading “Poem: Interdependency”

Poem: Acts Of Kindness

The bugle soundsThe drum resoundsLines are being drawnForces are maneuveringBattles are brewingThe fate of the worldIs held by a thread.Voices cry outWarnings go unheededAspersions being castPain and fearAnger and griefEvident for allWith ears to hear.Hearts and mindsWrestle inwardlyUncertain what to believeThe clock of destructionTicks inexorably on.Can we break this cycle?Can we avert disaster?All the oddsSeemContinue reading “Poem: Acts Of Kindness”

Poem: Beware

I read the newsAgain today.Frustration filled meRighteous anger.I plead my heart outTo the LordWho gave to meThese words of comfort:“Beware to thoseWho seek to ruleThrough fear and hate.These are poorMethods to employControl they grantIn time quite shortYet an unstable baseThey are.Do not be surprisedWhen the houseBuilt on fear and hateCrumbles in the storm.Beware to thoseWhoContinue reading “Poem: Beware”