Poem: Tai Chi In The Park

I standIn the parkBare-chested.I breatheJust breathe.Then I moveLoosen my bodySlowly but surelyUntil it is time.I do my routinesMy drillsFour variants in all.Bare-handed routinesSaber and sword routinesThe basicsRemain the same.Sweat covers me.My heart beats fast.My breath quickens.My body is pushedTo its utter limitYet meets the challengeAll the same.My mind is utterly focusedOn the momentNo room forContinue reading “Poem: Tai Chi In The Park”

My Tai Chi Journey So Far: Looking Back At 15 Years Of Practice

Hi all! So, as I was walking to the park to practice my Tai Chi routines the other day, I realized that the 15 year anniversary of my Tai Chi practice had passed me by without me fully realizing it. So I thought I’d make a blog post about it, especially as I’m sure someContinue reading “My Tai Chi Journey So Far: Looking Back At 15 Years Of Practice”

A Reminder About The Power Of The Voice

Was reminded this evening of the power of the voice. I was practicing my Tai Chi routines, and had just started my saber routine-in fact, I just performed a launching move which, due to the lightweight, springy nature of my cheaper saber makes a loud clashing noise–when a pair of young women sitting on aContinue reading “A Reminder About The Power Of The Voice”

Poem: Chen Tai Chi

It starts slow.I moveIn perfect control.SlowlyThe rhythm speedsAnd energy flowsSuddenly it stops.I’m just getting startedFaster and fasterI move.Sweat drips downMy naked torsoFinally readyI take up the blade.The dance begins againMore lethal this timeMore demanding.Cold steel flashesBody movesAnd I amOne with the Spirit.For a momentThe cosmic tumblers align.The moment is gone too soonBut with each danceMyContinue reading “Poem: Chen Tai Chi”