Poem: Lost Weight

You look at meAssessing and wondering.You ask,“Have you lost weight?”You say,“You look good!”I know you mean wellSo I speak softly“Yes”, I answer,Hoping affirming a factWill end this inquiry;“Thank you”, I respond,Hoping an acknowledgementWill stop this from going further.I have lost weightI am more muscledPhysically healthier than ever before.Yet this is not causeFor celebration or credit;TooContinue reading “Poem: Lost Weight”

Poem: Tai Chi In The Park

I standIn the parkBare-chested.I breatheJust breathe.Then I moveLoosen my bodySlowly but surelyUntil it is time.I do my routinesMy drillsFour variants in all.Bare-handed routinesSaber and sword routinesThe basicsRemain the same.Sweat covers me.My heart beats fast.My breath quickens.My body is pushedTo its utter limitYet meets the challengeAll the same.My mind is utterly focusedOn the momentNo room forContinue reading “Poem: Tai Chi In The Park”

Afraid to Dance

“A warrior who cannot dance? Clumsy in both war and peace he is”–Jedi Grand Master Yoda in Star Wars: Clone Wars: Cestus Deception by Steve Barnes I’ve noticed a trend among young adults in Canada, which was once a curiosity, but now is an area of growing concern. When people are encouraged to dance, thereContinue reading “Afraid to Dance”

Poem: Skinny Dipping

I strip off my clothesSacred momentOf undressing.AnticipationFilling my heartI jumpOff the dockWind whistlingAcross my naked skin.I plunge beneathThe still waterEngulfed immediatelyIn pleasant bubbles.I swimTo the surfaceTake a breathAnd revelIn primal glory .Funny howA small changeCan feel so different.The waterDoes not careAbout the fatOn my belly,Or the sizeOf my dick,Or how tallI stand.It embraces allLightens all.TheContinue reading “Poem: Skinny Dipping”