Poem: Escaping Loneliness

I lie in bed
Staring at the ceiling.
I feel the darkness rising
The lonely aching emptiness
Carving out my soul.
I curl into a ball
Hope to smother the pain.
My heart is pounding
Squeezed by a tight fist.
Tear began to well in my eyes.
Heat flushes across my skin.
So I rise
And I flee.
I run and I swim.
I walk.
I practice Tai Chi.
I try to escape my demons.
Try to escape my pain.
Try to escape loneliness.
It always returns.
I cry out to Lord
“Please lead me
To better days

Published by Devin Hogg

My name is Devin Hogg. I was born and raised in Carnarvon, Ontario, Canada. I moved to Guelph, Ontario, Canada in 2009 for university and lived here ever since. In my free time, I enjoy reading, watching TV and movies, going on long walks, swimming, and practicing Chen style Tai Chi. I love to write poetry and blog regularly about topics such as mental health, sci-fi/fantasy series, faith, sexuality, and politics.

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