Poem: 27 Going On 28

I walk through the parkReflectingFilled with gratitude.I see how far I’ve comeThis past year.I see how farI still have to go.I have becomeThe leader I hoped to be.The leaderMy mentors saw in me.I am healthierThan I’ve ever been.QuickerStrongerIn controlSelf-aware.I have foundA communityTo call home.My mind is clearerThan it’s ever been.I know myselfAnd even love myselfMoreContinue reading “Poem: 27 Going On 28”

Poem: 27 Approaches

The clock is tickingDays passing by27 fast approachesAs summer nears an end.What a year it has beenFilled with darknessConstantly remindedHow far I have to go.Wish I were betterStrongerMore loving.Approaching my birthdayFeeling very alone.Yet I do havePeople who love meMy friends and my family.I try to hold onTo faithHope and love.I fear I am doingMore harmContinue reading “Poem: 27 Approaches”

Poem: 26th Birthday Poem

Another yearHas come and gone.I seeHow far I have to go.Wrestling with lonelinessDancing with the dark.Searching for the right fitIn workIn communityIn love.I seeHow far I have come.Friends and familyLoving and supportive.Knowledge of selfGrowing ever deeper.Capabilities and skillsEver expanding.Holy SpiritGuiding and strengthening.I give thanksFor thisAnd so much more.Hope aboundsAs 26 begins.