A Month In Honour of Solo Sex: The History of Masturbation May, and Some Personal Reflections

Content warning: This blog post will talk about adult content and include frank discussion on sex and sexuality. If that’s not your cup of tea, best not read further. Masturbation May: A Brief History Recently, I’ve been seeing some posts by Hannah Witton, a sex educator I follow, who has been mentioning Masturbation May. IContinue reading “A Month In Honour of Solo Sex: The History of Masturbation May, and Some Personal Reflections”

Poem: Afraid To Touch

When I was youngLearning about pubertyI was curiousAnd oh, so afraid.I always loved deeplyBut was oh, so alone.Fascinated by my bodyBut afraid to touch.Afraid to grow.Afraid to explore.When I was a teenBecame a point of prideThat I had not succumbedTo my baser nature.But pride was a maskMask of fear and shame.It wasn’t untilI left myContinue reading “Poem: Afraid To Touch”

Poem: Penis Moments

It has always been thereSource of curiositySource of pleasure.Both convenienceAnd inconvenience.My father taught meHow to wash itKeep it clean and healthy.I shouted with joyTo discover hair growingAll around it.I raced homeIn an effortTo have it not betray me.With golden liquid streaming forthI stood before my Grade 5 classFace flushed with shameAs a pool of wetnessTriggeredContinue reading “Poem: Penis Moments”

Poem: Learning To Love My Body

I came into the worldSmall and afraid.Had to take meForciblyFrom my mother’s womb.I am toldI was beautifulThough I cried a lotStruggled to sleep.Slow to talkSlow to walk.As I grewLearned not to trustMy own body.Grew to hate itDespise itWish it were differentSee it only as weakness.Had only a slight inklingOf the goodThe potentialIn my body.ThenSlowly butContinue reading “Poem: Learning To Love My Body”

Poem: Rub The Pain Away

In those timesWhen pain fills my being.When all seems darkWhen all hope seems lost.When I feelMost lonely.As I layAlone in my bedDemons filling my mind.There is one remedyTo give me chance to fight.As images fill my mindAs music fills my earsMy body comes alive.My loins burn with need.My manhood stiffensPulses and throb.sMy hands moveCaressing andContinue reading “Poem: Rub The Pain Away”

Poem: Touch Myself

Through the dayInto the nightI am filled with pain.My dreamsProvide no escapeNo rest.As I lay myself in bedI let it all go.My handsBring my body awakeAs fire fills my blood.My hands moveMy pelvis thrustsAs I rub the pain away.I give thanksTo the LordFor the pleasuresOf human fleshOf matter embodied.I rejoiceIn the factThat I am aContinue reading “Poem: Touch Myself”