Poem: Penis Moments

It has always been thereSource of curiositySource of pleasure.Both convenienceAnd inconvenience.My father taught meHow to wash itKeep it clean and healthy.I shouted with joyTo discover hair growingAll around it.I raced homeIn an effortTo have it not betray me.With golden liquid streaming forthI stood before my Grade 5 classFace flushed with shameAs a pool of wetnessTriggeredContinue reading “Poem: Penis Moments”

Poem: Across The Divide

When minds are closed;When hearts are fullOf fear and hate;When ignoranceReigns supreme;How do you reach them?How do you openMinds and hearts?How do youTeach empathy?Instill compassion?“Please Lord,”I cry,“Give me the words to speakThe stories to tellTo spread love.Grant meOh LordThe strength to overcome.The patienceTo persevere.Help meMost of allTo hold onto hopeThat I can reach them.That allContinue reading “Poem: Across The Divide”

Poem: A Man

A manIs not madeBy strength alone.Not definedBy bulging musclesOr rock-hard abs.A manIs not valuedBy the number of womenHe’s slept with.Is not measuredBy how bigHis dick is.What makes a manIs his heart.How loving he isHow hopefulHow faithful.What defines a manIs how openHis mind is.How vulnerableHe’ll let himself become.For a true manIs invaluableMeasureless.We needTo recognizeThe true natureContinue reading “Poem: A Man”

Poem: Goodbye Dragonlady (A Tribute To Anne McCaffrey)

Oh Dragonlady I mourn your passing Oh Dragonlady I rejoice your gift to me You gave me light In the darkest of times You helped me grow From boy to man You showed me More than any other How to become Who I wanted to be Your legacy will guide me As long as IContinue reading “Poem: Goodbye Dragonlady (A Tribute To Anne McCaffrey)”