Poem: Beware

I read the newsAgain today.Frustration filled meRighteous anger.I plead my heart outTo the LordWho gave to meThese words of comfort:“Beware to thoseWho seek to ruleThrough fear and hate.These are poorMethods to employControl they grantIn time quite shortYet an unstable baseThey are.Do not be surprisedWhen the houseBuilt on fear and hateCrumbles in the storm.Beware to thoseWhoContinue reading “Poem: Beware”

Poem: Voices Crying Out

Everywhere I goI hear the voices crying out:Voices of women;Voices of children;Voices of many sexualities;Voices of all races;Voices of all cultures;Voices of the lost;Voices on the margins.They cry out for justice;They cry out for hope;They cry out for love.Some hear themAnd turn awayOr tell themTo deal with itOn their own.Some don’t hear the voicesAt all.IContinue reading “Poem: Voices Crying Out”

Poem: Across The Divide

When minds are closed;When hearts are fullOf fear and hate;When ignoranceReigns supreme;How do you reach them?How do you openMinds and hearts?How do youTeach empathy?Instill compassion?“Please Lord,”I cry,“Give me the words to speakThe stories to tellTo spread love.Grant meOh LordThe strength to overcome.The patienceTo persevere.Help meMost of allTo hold onto hopeThat I can reach them.That allContinue reading “Poem: Across The Divide”

Poem: What I Do For A Living

People always ask meWhat I do for a living.Wanting an answerThey can understandSomething definedBy wealth and stabilityBy age-old understanding.So I say to them“I’m setting up my own businessDoing office work from home”.But if I am honestThat is work more than livingLeading me towards deathNot life giving.I yearn to sayI amA Tai Chi practitioner,Christian mystic ,Swimmer,Continue reading “Poem: What I Do For A Living”

Poem: A Man

A manIs not madeBy strength alone.Not definedBy bulging musclesOr rock-hard abs.A manIs not valuedBy the number of womenHe’s slept with.Is not measuredBy how bigHis dick is.What makes a manIs his heart.How loving he isHow hopefulHow faithful.What defines a manIs how openHis mind is.How vulnerableHe’ll let himself become.For a true manIs invaluableMeasureless.We needTo recognizeThe true natureContinue reading “Poem: A Man”

Poem: Naked

I’ve always enjoyedBeing naked.I do not referSolely to sexy timeThough I enjoy that too.NoI’m talking aboutSitting at homeReading a bookWatching TVSleeping in bedPlaying a gameWorking out.EverythingEveryday.I don’t knowWhy this isWhy I just loveTo get nude.MaybeIt’s becauseAs an early psych reportAttestedChoosing clothesCaused meIncapacitating anxietyBefore the age of 9.MaybeIt’s becauseI value honestySo muchAnd there’s somethingInherently honestAbout nudity.MaybeIt’sContinue reading “Poem: Naked”

Poem: When I Read The News

When I look at the worldWhen I read the newsIt’s easy to seeThe darkness and despair.To find reason for fearFeel angerFeel hate.KnowThat the world is broken.So easy to seeSo wrong it is.When I thinkHow far we have comeIn mere blink of an eye.When I seeThe people around meSmall and bright.I knowThe candles hold back theContinue reading “Poem: When I Read The News”

Poem: Speak Up

I turn on the newsI see the hate.I feel guiltyFor not speaking up.When familyWhen friendsJoke and teaseSpeak untruthsSeemingly innocentlyIt’s never “appropriate”.It’s never“The right time”“The right place”.They’re never“In the mood”.“Live peaceably with othersSo much as it depends on you”These words I try to livePerhaps too well.What happened toThe boy I wasWho tried to be rightWhile notContinue reading “Poem: Speak Up”

Poem: Job Search

Another dayAnother lack of dollar.Time slips awaySearching the WebFor seeds of hope.Darkness limitsEverywhere I turnI am confronted by disability.“Come home”My mother says to meBut knowledge of healthKnowledge of needKeeps me away.I search some moreDespair growsFrustration mounts.“Why can’t I be normal?”I cry.“It serves a purpose.”The Lord says to me.So on I go.Keeping busyKeeping healthyBuilding strengthBuilding resilience.IContinue reading “Poem: Job Search”

Poem: When You Come For Us

When the drums beatWhen the wind howlsWhen the rain poursWhen the storm ragesWhen darkness closes inWe will stand firm.Strong and unbowedShining light for all to see.When you come for usWith violence in your heart;When you aim to spreadTerror and fearDespair and heartbreak;When war reaches our shoreAnd love ones are lost;We will stand firm.We will notContinue reading “Poem: When You Come For Us”