When You Cast Your Vote: A Reminder of the Human Impact of the Electoral Process

As the Canadian federal election quickly approaches, and advance polls open in a few short weeks, I wanted to take a moment to remind everyone of the impact decisions at the polls have on the people around you–friends, family, neighbours–often in ways you least expect. I will not tell you who to vote for, butContinue reading “When You Cast Your Vote: A Reminder of the Human Impact of the Electoral Process”

Responding To Mr. Ford

The title of this video is sensationalist but Ford’s logic is broken nonetheless. He defends the elimination of the extra $100 benefit by saying people on ODSP with a part-time job collecting CERB would get a “few hundred” extra dollars per month, and then at the end says the best way to help people onContinue reading “Responding To Mr. Ford”

On Mental Health: Tips, Tricks and Advice

This post is inspired by Bell Let’s Talk Day. I acknowledge it’s problematic, as Bell’s corporate culture does not adequately support mental health, and talking about mental health one day a year does not undo stigma and marginalization the rest of the year–but I also do think the hashtag should be utilized for the fundingContinue reading “On Mental Health: Tips, Tricks and Advice”

Poem: Body Talks

When I was youngI hated my body.Stomach always achingMuscles always hurting.Always too slow.Too small.Too boney.As I grew olderOnly got worse.Penis standing erectAt slightest stray thought.Heart always pounding.Everything too noisy.Too painful.Too overwhelming.Now I love my body.I know how to listenAs my body talks.When I grow sad or angryI know I need food.When I grow fatiguedI knowContinue reading “Poem: Body Talks”

Have You Heard About This Already?: On Autism and BioFeedback

Being on the autism spectrum, one of my most consistent struggles has been providing appropriate biofeedback. It’s something that does not come easily or naturally, and so often leads to misunderstandings. When I was in public school, I was pretty quiet–more out of deep anxiety than anything else. When people would say “Hi” to meContinue reading “Have You Heard About This Already?: On Autism and BioFeedback”

Poem: What I Do For A Living

People always ask meWhat I do for a living.Wanting an answerThey can understandSomething definedBy wealth and stabilityBy age-old understanding.So I say to them“I’m setting up my own businessDoing office work from home”.But if I am honestThat is work more than livingLeading me towards deathNot life giving.I yearn to sayI amA Tai Chi practitioner,Christian mystic ,Swimmer,Continue reading “Poem: What I Do For A Living”

Poem: All Comes Down To Love

I amLost in the dark.Stuck in a funkTrappedIn a never endingDownward spiral.I clawI struggleI aimTo grow better.To overcomeTo masterMy ownBody and mind.Yet always I fall shortBecome convincedI’m doomedAlways to fail.Never achievingSociety’s expectations.ThenThrough the darknessSpeaks the voiceOf the Lord“It all comes down to love”.At those wordsMy heart feels peaceFor through I struggleTo earn wealthTo succeedIn jobContinue reading “Poem: All Comes Down To Love”

Poem: Of Umbrellas And Choices

“Where’s your umbrella?”You say smiling to me.It’s often like thatA question layered with assumptions.I want to tell youMany things.Like every umbrellaI have ever hadHas been torn apartBy wind and rainFor whichI can only faultMy weak grip.Or perhapsI shall explainThat when your incomeIs mere ODSPYou make choices.And I tend to chooseSimple pleasuresLike food and musicFilm, television,Continue reading “Poem: Of Umbrellas And Choices”

Poem: I Don’t Know

You ask me: what will happen?How will I survive?You tell me that I mustOvercome my challengesSomehowSomeway.All I can answerAll I can sayI don’t know.I can’t see my end.All I can doIs focus on one stepOne moment at a time.Yet I don’t needTo know it all.All I need to doIs practiceLove and hopeFaith and honor.More thanContinue reading “Poem: I Don’t Know”

My Story About Suicide

CAUTION: The following is my personal journey of wrestling thoughts about suicide, self-harm, etc. While the account can be helpful, it can also be triggering so take care of yourself and don’t read if you need to avoid such things. This month is Suicide Awareness month. Suicide is something I personally have wrestled with, andContinue reading “My Story About Suicide”